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Hamline operates through a book rental program that is part of tuition, a topic of conversation among students from different disciplines.

Part of any student’s experience is renting books.

Depending on a student’s major or minor, they might have a range of books. There are stories of students who need two to 16 books per semester.

Hamline operates a book rental program, called the Rental program includedED®, which means that the books students need for lessons are included in their tuition. The price of this book The rental program is currently $345 per semester, with the J term and May term being $65.

“[It is] a new convenient and affordable textbook rental program that provides all required course materials, rented to you as part of your tuition or fees,” the Hamline website said. “This allows you to know the total cost of your course in advance with no surprises about additional fees for required course materials.”

the book rental program is run by a company called Follett Corporation which is contracted outside the institution. Follett specializes in teaching materials. Shari Salzman-Hankins is the manager of Hamline Bookstore and has worked there since 2018.

Hamline is the only one of the five Twin Cities Associated Colleges (ACTC) schools in the area to have a store on the Follett campus. Hamline University and Mitchell Hamline are two of five Follett stores in Minnesota.

“I think it’s 100% beneficial for students because all students are on the same playing field from day one. They all have access to the material, and that way you don’t have students showing up to class two to three, four weeks and never even buying the book,” said Salzman-Hankins.

The bookstore receives student registration information and then prepares the necessary materials for the course and prepares them for the start of the semester.

Many students in each year like Hamline’s offer because it takes a load off them when they start the year.

“I really appreciate that I don’t have to worry about finding all my textbooks, especially since STEM books are notoriously expensive and version often matters,” said biochemistry major Kylie Ross.

Some students wonder if the book rental program was worth it because they recognize that their books aren’t as difficult to acquire and don’t always total $345.

“I don’t think it was economical for me. This semester, I only have two books. One is online and barely used, the other I use quite often, but I researched it and found I could have rented it from another source for much less . So instead of paying $345, I could have paid $30 for the same information,” senior Donald Birtten wrote in an email. “There are books I’ve had for classes in the past that I’ve liked that wouldn’t have bothered to pay for a personal copy (and it probably would have been cheaper). I don’t think in 4 years here, I had a semester where all my books totaled up to $345.

On the Hamline Bookstore website, there is a form for students interested in other options. Hamline University has decided not to be an opt-out institution, which means that students are automatically enrolled in the book rental program, with those interested in appealing to opt out being dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

For more information on this program, visit: https://tinyurl.com/s2t4w9j4

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