Meet the team!

Karin van der Ven

Let me take you back to 2006, when I was a student in Maastricht. I went to study in Istanbul as part of my Master’s programme in European Studies. This is where I experienced first-hand how it feels to be a foreign student in an unknown city. There was no help whatsoever when it came to important things like finding a ordable accommodation, do I need to pay taxes , or whether (and how) I had to take out insurance.

Jules is a success: every year, its thirty+ strong team provide support to over 2,500 students, all of whom come to us with various problems and concerns. We are deeply committed to our work. I still occasionally wake up suddenly in the middle of the night because we forgot to call a student back that day. What’s more, we’re not only problem-solvers for students, we’re also involved in broader society. We can be a force in the city. The current size of the company means we have real clout when it comes to supporting student interests in terms of politics, government, and the business community.