Banking in Maastricht

Being able to manage your own finances is an important part of being able to lead a self supporting life as a student in Maastricht. Here we will focus on what it takes to open a bank account, IBAN and the Dutch payment method iDEAL.

Opening a bank account.

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an internationally agreed system of identifying bank accounts across national borders to facilitate the communication and processing of cross border transactions. For all citizens of countries that have the Euro this IBAN is the agreed method to transfer money across borders within these countries. However utility companies and other service providers have yet to adopt the system. Therefor it could make sense to open a bank account here in the Maastricht. The Dutch government, local municipalities and most employers alike still prefer you to have a Dutch bank account in order to facilitate financial transfers. Furthermore, banking with a local (Dutch) bank in Maastricht also makes it easier to transfer your rent and allows you to make use of practicalities such as iDEAL.

For an EU citizen to open a bank account in the Netherlands you will have to take the following documents with you when you visit the bank:

  • Valid ID
  • BSN or burgerservicenummer
  • Proof of address (your rental contract or a recent utility bill will do the trick)

The major banks in the Netherlands are ING bank, Rabobank, ABN-AMRO and SNS bank . A good choice when you would like to share your money with an ethical bank are TRIODOS and ASN.

The UM and the ING Bank have an agreement that you can open a bank account with them even if you are not in possession of a BSN number. This option is especially useful for non-EU students.

You have to make an appointment via phone (at (+31)43 329 5213 or at the ING branch at the Vrijthof. The appointment then lasts approximately 20 mins and you have to take with you:

  • Proof of Enrollment (from SSC),
  • Your passport
  • Proof of address (rental contract or similar)

TIdealhe Dutch payment method iDEAL.

When you pay with iDEAL, you use online banking from one of the participating banks. Wherever you see the iDEAL logo in a webshop, you can pay with iDEAL.

Your payment will takes just a few steps:

  • You select iDEAL as your payment method.
  • You select your bank.
  • You are forwarded to the online banking offered by your bank, where you login as you are used to.
  • Your payment details are already completed and all you have to do is approve the payment.
  • You receive immediate confirmation from your bank.
  • You return to the webshop and your order and payment have succeeded!

This online demo shows how an iDEAL payment through your own bank works, step-by-step: from shopping cart to payment confirmation.

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