Before you leave for the summer, do these things


The last days of the semester are very busy. As you complete group projects and study for final exams, you also try to organize your personal belongings before leaving campus for the summer.

Use this checklist to help you minimize stress during the last three weeks of the spring semester.

  • Return all misplaced OZZI green containers, plates, cups and silverware to food service centers. You get full amnesty – no questions asked.
  • If you have Food Dollars left in your account, use the balance at Food Centers, Herbie’s Markets, Husker Heroes, and the Nebraska Union Food Court. School Year Meal Coupons and Dining Dollars will expire at 9 p.m. on May 14, 2022.

    Help other Huskers with your excess Restoration Dollars:
    Starting May 2, all Herbie’s Market stores will stock additional non-perishable food items that you can purchase and donate to Husker Pantry. Donation bins will be located in each market.

  • Get ready now for a safe departure from your residence. Connect with your RA to request a checklist or up-to-date details for a stress-free and successful room check.
  • Resell textbooks at the Campus Store inside the Nebraska Union.
  • Return or renew books and materials in UNL libraries.
  • New leaders of student clubs and organizations must complete the annual RSO orientation and re-register their organization for the next academic year.
  • Plan your prescriptions with the University Health Center pharmacy. Free mail order and other delivery options are available.
  • When packing for the move, try to recycle, donate, reuse, and safely dispose of items instead of putting them in the trash:
    • Drop off medications you no longer want in the University Health Center pharmacy safe. Do not flush medicines down the toilet or throw them in the trash.
    • A good first step in finding a new home for items is to reuse them – donate clothes, food, and furniture to a friend or roommate who can use them.
    • Residents of the residence: From May 2-13, donation bins for Goodwill Industries and Husker Pantry will be located at each 24-hour front desk and Village reception. Use these guidelines to find out what you can put in each bin.
  • Give your bike a tune-up at the Outdoor Adventure Center’s Bike Shop.
  • Grab your workout clothes and gym gear from your rented locker at any of the Campus Rec facilities.
  • Look for a summer job or an internship on Handshake.
  • Easily lock in your fall living arrangements with an on-campus contract.
  • Attend the free end-of-year party with your friends on April 30.
  • Follow @unlstudentlife and @unlincoln on Instagram to engage daily and stay connected with campus. Tag these two accounts and use #lifeatNebraska in your photos, stories and reels to let other Huskers know what you’re up to this summer.
  • Take one last Spring 2022 group photo with your housemates, friends, RSO, sorority and fraternity members. Hug and punch your best Husker friends.
  • Gather your indoor plants.
  • Close and lock windows securely.
  • Turn off the lights and lock the door.

Enjoy a wonderful and safe summer. We are already looking forward to your return in the fall of 2022.

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