Blood Donation

Sanquin Blood Supply

Sanquin Blood Supply is a non-profit organisation that is responsible for the supply of blood in the Netherlands. Sanquin further plays an important role in transfusion medicine. Sanquin Blood Supply comprises different divisions and the blood bank (which handles all blood donations) is one of these.

Different Types of Blood donation

Sanquin helps patients in different ways. Besides blood, they need other types of donations as well. These different types of donations are: plasma donation, specific plasma donation, autologous blood donation, stem cell donation or platelet donation. For more information on each of these click on the Sanquin website here.

Locations throughout the Netherlands

Throughout the Netherlands there are locations where donors are welcomed to give blood or plasma. There are some 400,000 donors in the Netherlands. Together they donate a lot of blood and plasma every year to help patients in the Netherlands.

In Maastricht, Saquin Blood Supply is located very close to the Maastricht UMC+ hospital. The address is: Business Centre 95 (5th floor), Gaetano Martinolaan 95, 6229 GS Maastricht. You can reach them by phone via: 0800 – 5115.

To donate blood you have to register as a blood donor, you can find the form to do so here.

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