Cleaning service

Jules offers a cleaning service for students, landlords, families and companies.

Professional cleaning

A professional crew with years of experience will clean your property. They will bring their own cleaning products and material.

Budget friendly cleaning

In need of a cheaper solution to clean your room? Hire a budget friendly cleaning crew. A student with cleaning experience will come over to your place. They can use the cleaning materials you have or bring some with them.

Basic cleaning

The estimated time is sufficient for a everyday cleaning. Take into consideration that if the cleaning needs to be more thoroughly, more time will be necessary. With the estimated time ( mentioned in the request form) we offer you a rough indication of the time the cleaning will take.

You can also book a cleaner who will clean only several objects of your choice.

For every cleaning we calculate a fixed service cost. These cost are the starting price for any cleaning, no matter the amount of hours. A cancellation within 24 hours of the cleaning the service costs will be charged.

Below an overview of the cleaning that will be done.

In the common areas:

• Dusting
• Cleaning of all furniture and objects
• Vacuuming cleaning and mopping of the floor

Request a cleaner


ProfessionalBudget friendly
Regular€ 29,50 per hour, per person€ 22,- per hour, per person
Jules Member€ 28,50 per hour, per person€ 21,- per hour, per person
MaterialInclusive€ 5,- per cleaning
Fixed service costs€ 28,-€ 20,-