Bouillonstraat 12
6211 LH Maastricht
(The Netherlands)

Contact Information

T +31 (0)85-0067292
F JulesMaastricht


You can visit our front desk with all your questions from Monday till Friday between 10:00 and 17:00 hours. 


When you have an emergency* please call our 24/7 emergency number:

+31 (0)85 0067299

We will try our best to solve your issue asap if possible.

*call this number within reason. Related to your (student) life in Maastricht, Vaals or Aachen. So, no: if you want a unicorn at 03.00 in the morning we cannot get you one. Ever. Sorry. We will however come and open your door if you have locked yourself out (or contact your landlord if we don’t do the maintenance on your building).

Jules Maastricht store - Bouillonstraat 12

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