The Netherlands has a very particular system for seeing a doctor. As an inhabitant of the Netherlands you need to have a General Practitioner (huisarts). The GPs are responsible for gathering medical information, and also, they function as gatekeepers to all the other types of medical treatment. If you have health problems, the GP is your first point of contact. The GP will deal with daily health issues, perform small examinations, and prescribe medication. If needed, the GP will refer you to further medical services, such as hospitals and specialists.

How to find your own GP?

There are multiple GP practices in Maastricht, and there should always be one close to your house. We recommend that you register with a GP upon your arrival in the Netherlands, because not all practices take in new patients, but you can also do this later. If you have a medical problem and you need to see a doctor, you can also register at that moment. You can always set up an appointment with a GP even if you are not registered.

Registering means that you go to the practice of the GP and fill in your details on a form they give you. If you have special medical issues that the doctor should know about, they might set you up for a short meeting with the doctor.

The local GP practice we recommend is:

Medical Centre Mosae Forum
Practice of Dr. Heg and Dr. Reitz
Gubbelstraat 6B
6211 CE Maastricht
Tel: 043-3212309

We recommend this practice because it is located in the city centre, is close to the university, is modern and equipped with support of specialists. Furthermore, the doctors speak multiple languages (incl. German, French and Spanish). They still take in new patients.

You can call them directly to set up an appointment to register, or for a consultation (even if you have not registered yet). We can also make an appointment for you.