Driving lessons

Want to get your Dutch driver’s license?

Driving Lesson LThen you have to take the Dutch written & practical driver’s test. On average it takes ~20-40 driving lessons if you don’t know how to drive. To take the driver’s test (both written & practical) you must apply for this with the CBR (Central Bureau for Driving Examinations). You can only do this via an official driving school. Obviously, your instructor will not let you take the test unless you can drive sufficiently.

Please note: if you don’t live in the Netherlands, you can take lessons, but not the actual test. So: if you live in Belgium and want to get a Dutch driver’s license unfortunately that’s not possible.

  1. You take a trial lesson of 120 mins (€60) so your driving instructor can make a fair judgment about how many
    lessons you need before you can take the exam.
  2. Make a plan with your instructor on the number of lessons and the time period you want take them. (If you don’t like what is offered, you can also quit after the trial lesson!)
  3. Start practising
  4. Take the written exam and a practice driving test
  5. After you pass the written exam you can take the test for real
  6. Go pick up your driver’s license at the Municipality!

driving lessonsJules selected 2 driving schools for you that not only have among the highest success rates in the region, are centrally located, have an online booking system but also speak Dutch, English, German and French! Check them out here: Marcel Mingels and Cordewener.

  • At Marcel Mingels the cost of one lesson of 50 mins is €36,50 (regular price). It is cheaper if you buy a set of lessons in one package. Jules Members always get 5% discount on the price.
  • At Cordewener lessons always are 60 mins at €40. Here, Jules Members also get a 7.5% discount. With Cordewener it is also cheaper if you take a package deal.

Driving licenseWant to plan your trial lesson (120 mins at €60)? Do you need more info or have a specific question? Fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours for a follow up.