Jules Job Pool

Do you want a flexible job that you can combine with your studies? Sign yourself up for one or more of the Jules job pools. Our job pools consist of talented and motivated students who like to work for various companies.

How does it work?
If you are a member of a job pool you start off with a small training + one hour of instructions. After this, you receive a message every time a job comes in. Jobs are always sent out on relatively short notice and will range from an hour to several hours, depending on the pool and the assignment. It is never a long-term task for weeks or days. You can respond to the job by saying ‘yes, I am in’ or ‘no, not for me this time’. This way you can pick the jobs you want to be part of, and allocate your work hours flexibly. The work is flexible and divers.

We offer:
– A diverse job; every assignment at another company
– A flexible job; you can decide when your work and how many hours you work a week. This way you can work extra hours during vacation and work less during an examination period.
– A job close by: you always work near Maastricht so you don’t have a long travel time.
– A competitive salary
– A diverse environment; every assignment is different. One time you work on your own and the other time you work in a team. This depends on the assignment. Because you work in a job pool, you work in a team with colleagues you know.
– A commitment for three months; after that time you can decide if you still want to be a member of the job pool.

Send your resume and a letter of motivation to jobs@jules-maastricht.com.
If you want more information about the job pools, you can contact Maud Smeets on 043-3219726.

I am looking for a job

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How does it work:

  • Your details will be saved in the Jules database, and will not be handed out to third parties without your consent.
  • You will receive new vacancies directly in your inbox!
  • If you like a vacancy you reply to the email with your CV.
  • Jules makes a selection among all interested candidates and will inform you if you passed the selection.
  • Either Jules or the hiring company will contact you for an interview.

Good to keep in mind!

Besides finding a job you will also have to consider the fact that you might need a working permit if you’re from a non EU-country*or from Switzerland. Only the company where you’re going to work can apply for a working permit for you. This normally takes up to 8 weeks. Not for every job you can apply for a work permit. It is only possible if there are no other candidates who don’t require a working permit.

*  Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Greece, Norway, Liechtenstein Iceland, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Czech, Slovakia, Croatia.