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Grand Valley State University has appointed its first vice president for student affairs, Dr. Jennifer Hall Jones.

GVSU recently moved the position of Vice Provost Student Affairs to Vice President of Student Affairs. According to the GVSU webpage, this move will create the Student Affairs Division which will raise the voice of students and respond to their diverse needs.

The new position and updated student affairs structure aims to provide a more equitable and higher quality education that prepares students for a lifetime of learning.

Acting Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Aaron Haight said the new position will help students by putting them and their voice first.

“It prioritizes the student experience and student support for college,” Haight said. ” This post brings the student voice to the President’s leadership team.

Hall-Jones was chosen from among four applicants who came to GVSU to interview for the new position. In a press release, President Philomena V. Mantella said Hall-Jones’ focus on student welfare and her experience set her apart from other candidates.

“Jenny has extensive experience working at all levels of student affairs,” Mantella said. “She has worked her way up from her current university, which gives her incredible depth. She is committed to inclusion and is an advocate for students, consistent with our mission.

Hall-Jones said she discovered her passion for working with students when she became a resident assistant (RA) during her sophomore year at Ohio University.

Hall-Jones graduated from Ohio University three times with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a major in Criminology, a Masters in Student Personnel Education, and a Doctorate in Higher Education.

She worked for 25 years at Ohio University starting as an RA, working through the dean’s office and finally becoming senior associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students in May 2012.

Haight said GVSU was excited to work with Hall-Jones.

“Dr. Hall-Jones brings over 20 years of diverse student affairs as well as acting vice chairman role experience at GV,” Haight said. “We are thrilled with his passion for supporting student growth and development as well as his commitment to the student affairs profession.”

Haight and Mantella said Hall-Jones was a perfect fit for the job.

“Jenny is the ideal person to position our Student Affairs Division to meet the challenges and complexities of campus life today and in the future,” said Mantella.

Mantella said the Student Affairs post will elevate the voices of students at leadership team in a unique way. She said she believes that in these complex times, a vibrant student affairs division is essential.

Hall-Jones is expected to serve as vice president of student affairs in February 2022.

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