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With courses starting remotely, it’s important to have one or more (if possible) places where you can study and stay focused. Here are some tips to consider when creating the perfect study location, no matter where you are.

Designate a study area or space

Whether it’s in your bedroom, on the balcony, or on the kitchen counter, designating a “study” space can help you stay focused on distance learning. If your class includes participation, try to find a place where you can talk in class without disturbing others.

Check your internet connection

Having a reliable internet connection can help minimize the stress of attending a class virtually. Plus, make sure you have the right link for each of your classes to avoid missing a class or logging in late.

Have good lighting

Make sure your learning area has plenty of light. If you can, set up your desk or table near a window that allows natural light to filter through during your study time.

Be comfortable

You want to enjoy the place you are studying, so it’s okay to be comfortable, but not too comfortable. Take off your pajamas before starting class to let your mind know that it is not time to relax. If you are using an office chair, make sure it provides good back support.

Minimize distractions

Consider removing games and apps from your laptop so you won’t be distracted by them. Set time limits or block social networks and “black hole” websites during your school time with browser extensions like SelfControl or Forest. Keep your phone off, in your backpack, or in another room to avoid distractions during class.

Find your sound

What do you like to listen to when studying? Listening to music can help you concentrate. Whether it’s a calming playlist or your favorite lyrical jams, find what works for you. We recommend “Calm vibes” on Spotify or “Relaxing jazz for work and study” and “Mozart classic music for study, concentration, relaxation” on YouTube.

Communicate with roommates

If you live with roommates or stay at home with your family, openly discuss the dates and times you have virtual classes and set a schedule so you don’t get in the way during those times. Communicating with others will create understanding, and you will find it easier to focus on the information you are learning.

No matter where you are, having the right place to study can help you stay focused and be successful. For more tips and resources on studying and getting the most out of CU, visit the Student Affairs website and be sure to follow us on social media @CUBoulderLife on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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