Injury liability

This is for students who have medical (and other) injury as a result of an incident with a third party. If you are worried about the damages, the costs etc. please know that we can help with that as well.

Jules offers a free service for students who have medical injury as a result of a traffic- or other incident with a third party. Together with our legal partner ‘De Letselzaak’ we can help you arrange compensation for the damage without any cost. If the incident was your own fault, please know that cyclists and pedestrians are protected by Dutch law so you always get at least 50% compensation when you are hit by a car or other motorised vehicle.

Your case can be up to 3 years ago and we can still help. Note: you will never receive a bill for our service. All costs are for the liable party.

We have chosen De Letselzaak as our partner because they offer personal care in multiple languages. De Letselzaak is represented by Lars de Zeeuw, legal specialist in personal injury cases. If you want he can visit you at your house or at the Jules office. He will first work on getting you an advance to cover your medical- and other costs. After this he will deal with your case from start to finish. You will never receive a bill for this. All costs are incurred with the liable party.

For more information about De Letselzaak please visit

If you want De Letselzaak to contact you to discuss your case, please fill out the form below.


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