Interior Styling & Furnishing Service

A student house does not automatically make a home. It needs furniture, and a bit of design. If you have a busy schedule or simply don’t have a feel for interior, our Interior Styling & Furnishing Service may be perfect for you.

Turn your student accommodation into a real home with our interior styling & furnishing service

Perfect solution

  • The interior styling and furnishing service can be used no matter whether you have already moved in or still need to arrive
  • If you already have some furniture items, those can be used of course
  • You decide what you want to spend; we specialize in student housing so we are used to working with smaller budgets
  • You can pick a style of your liking and first a plan will be made
  • We think about the planet and your budget and therefore often make use of vintage materials; if you want we can also provide new furniture – all depends on your wishes!
  • All furniture will be delivered to your accommodation and assembled; no heavy lifting for you!

For this service, Jules works with:

This is Cas. Cas is a young design professional and also the owner of Wood & Work. This is the company we work with to provide you with the best interior styling and furnishing service. Cas is super passionate about making you feel at home in your house and knows exactly where to source that one special item for you.

How it works & what it costs

To make use of this service all you need to do is fill out the form below. It includes questions about your budget and when your accommodation needs to be ready. The form will automatically end up with Cas and he will contact you immediately to make a plan for you!

You decide what you want to spend. Besides the budget you want to spend on your furniture Cas charges a flat fee of €270 for the sourcing and transport of your interior.

If you are renting your home via Jules, we can make sure Cas gets all the ground plans and pictures of the room and make sure the room is ready when you arrive!

Different styles

Cas can fit your interior to the style that you like. Here is a sneak peak of the styles you can choose from: