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Have you purchased a product at Jules, used one of our services or did you have an inquiry about our services or products before you buy? When do our languages courses start, can you fix my bike, when will my furniture package be delivered? These and other questions you can ask our support team here.

Are you renting a property with Jules Maastricht and have a maintenance issue or a related inquiry: your WiFi’s not working, there’s a leak in your bathroom or you want to know when you get your deposit back? Then you’ve come to the right place: here you can find our FAQ and leave all your inquiries with our team. We aim to answer these asap but you will always get a response from us within 2 working days.


Moving to a new city or even moving to a new place within the same city can be both very exciting and stressful. Finding a place in Maastricht isn’t always easy. It is one of those towns with high demand for quality accommodation and unfortunately never enough supply. So be prepared it might not be easy to find your “dream” home immediately.


But don’t despair: there is a great place out there for you and our team of housing experts will help you find it! They are ready and willing to guide you through the whole process of settling in Maastricht, know all about the tricky process of getting settled and are focused on avoiding (legal and financial) disappointments.

Student Rights

Transparency therefore is one of our key words. Tenants in the Netherlands are protected by Dutch Housing Legislation, nevertheless, as a tenant you not only have rights, but also obligations. E.g. whenever you’ve found your ideal place, there always will be things like (refundable) deposits, utility costs, services, local taxes, etc. that have to be settled.

Studying in Maastricht

About Maastricht


You are at the start of some awesome years in Maastricht. You will see that the Netherlands’ oldest city is a dynamic place, bustling with activity. To get your stay in Maastricht off to a smooth and easy start, there are some things you should know as a student that will help you with a smooth landing!

Going out

Maastricht is famous for its very rich social scene, especially the many restaurants. From high end Michelin star restaurants to down-to-earth Burger Bars they provide different meals, from a simple student-meal to a six course diner. Finding a good spot for going out to lunch or dinner has never been so easy!

About Insurance

Insurance in the Netherlands: We receive a lot of questions on this topic. Why would I need insurance if I am insured in my homecountry? Do I need insurance if I get a (student) job? What kind of insurances are there? When do I need to be insured? What is a good insurance company? On all these questions or infographic has the answer!