Parking your car in and around Maastricht

Parking maastricht bereikbaar

Are you a student and do you live just over the border or outside of Maastricht? And do you travel regularly to Maastricht by car? You can then apply for a parking permit for foreign students from Maastricht Council. This way your car is properly parked and you will not get a ticket. This is good for you and by leaving your car where it’s allowed you also help the town’s local residents.

If you are studying in Maastricht and you travel (almost) every day by car into town or Randwyck you can park for free at selected parking areas in the vicinity such as P+R Maastricht Noord and P+R Bunde! For the exact locations check out Maastricht Bereikbaar’s smart map here! It is really easy, you then just jump on the bus or train and complete your journey using your OV-chipkaart (travelcard). In addition, Maastricht University offers free parking (to students) at Maastricht Randwyck.

parking park signIn and around Maastricht there are several solutions to park your car, all in different price brackets. Maastricht has about 7.000 spaces at its disposal, comprising car parks, P+R areas and spots to park on the street. When entering the city by car you will be guided by signs to a parking area where there are spaces available.

As a rule, when you park your car on the outskirts of Maastricht that is cheaper than when you do so close to the city centre.