Park your bike in Maastricht

Throughout the city there are several locations where you can park your bike. On the website of Maastricht Bereikbaar you can find a comprehensive list, indicating whether the location is supervised or not, open air or underground and a link to the location. They alsoEntre Deux bike parking have a map indicating the location of each of the bicycle parkings!

Most of these parkings operate during office hours but there is one location that is special. At the Kesselskade bicycle parking they have extended opening hours until 01.00. This is only on Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun and for now is operational until November 1st 2015. So if you’re headed for a night out and you decide to cycle into town? You can now safely park your trusty two-wheeler in the bicycle parking area on Kesselskade. (This covered and guarded parking area has space for up to 700 bicycles.)

These opening times may change during public holidays and events, allowing for an even later closing time. Check the website for updated opening times and any other information on where to park your bike.

Parking maastricht bereikbaar