Finding your new student home

Moving to a new city or even moving to a new place within the same city can be both very exciting and stressful. Finding a place in Maastricht or Venlo isn’t always easy: it is one of those towns with high demand for quality accommodation and unfortunately never enough supply. So be prepared it might not be easy to find your “dream” home immediately.

But don’t despair: there is a great place out there for you and our team of housing experts will help you find it! They are ready and willing to guide you through the whole process of settling in your new hometown, know all about the tricky process of getting settled and are focused on avoiding (legal and financial) disappointments.

moving serviceTransparency therefore is one of our key words. Tenants in the Netherlands are protected by Dutch Housing Legislation, nevertheless, as a tenant you not only have rights, but also obligations. E.g. whenever you’ve found your ideal place, there always will be things like (refundable) deposits, utility costs, services, local taxes, etc. that have to be settled.