Student Affairs Office announces internal restructuring

On Tuesday October 26, the Vice President of Student Affairs, Celestino Limas, announced via a newsletter that he would take on the Dean of Campus Life, Laura Kane. Departure as an opportunity to restructure the Student Affairs Division.

The newsletter arrived just a day after Kane left, who announced his abrupt resignation two weeks ago. Limas said Kane’s departure was a chance to reconsider what exactly fell under student affairs. After redefining the role over the next six to eight weeks, he will conduct extensive research during the spring semester to find Kane’s replacement by July 1.

“I want to take the next six to eight weeks and figure out, what should that wallet be?” And then, more importantly, I have to explain to the student body and my colleagues why this is the right portfolio to house within Student Affairs, ”said Limas.

President Sean Decatur further explained this reshuffle of the division. “With the departure of Laura Kane, [Limas is] interested both in filling this position but also in thinking about the type of structures best suited to serve the objectives of the campus. . . in terms of what works best to meet the needs of students.

Offices Dean Kane oversaw included the Office of Freshman Experience, Office of Student Engagement, Office of Residence Life, and Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Although the extent of the restructuring of the division is not yet determined, Limas has already announced a permanent change: the Office of First Year Experience will now come under the purview of Academic Affairs and will be overseen by Thomas Hawks, Dean. academic advice and support. According to Limas, when the office was first established there was a discussion as to whether it should be located in the academic or student affairs division, but ultimately it was placed under student affairs. He saw Dean Kane leaving as an opportunity to try something new.

The office will continue to have a close relationship with Student Engagement, but Limas said this change is an opportunity for growth. He highlighted the transition of the admissions process to enrollment and freshman experience as an area for improvement, especially in terms of streamlining communication with incoming students. Limas also noted that he was in close conversation with vice president of enrollment and dean of admissions and financial aid Diane Anci and president Jeff Bowman – who heads the academic affairs division – about the change.

The restructuring of student affairs in Limas also saw several temporary changes. The Dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Chris Kennerly, will now oversee the Office of Student Engagement. Limas stressed that this is an exciting opportunity.

“I am excited about [Chris] overseeing diversity, equity and inclusion – this now gives the Office of Student Engagement a chance to think about how we can weave everything we do into that lens, ”he said .

Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities, James Jackson, will continue to oversee the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, as well as the Office of Residential Life, which he temporarily oversaw while Director of Residential Life, Jillian Yoder , was on leave. Limas has said that when Yoder returns in the spring, she will take the helm of Residential Life, and Jackson’s title will become interim senior director of Campus Life.

“I am delighted to see VP Limas’ vision on how these departments [can better] serve the students, ”Jackson wrote in an email to schoolboy.

Beyond the Student Affairs Division, Kane has also served as an advisor to the Student Council. After discussion with members of the Student Council, Limas appointed Dean of Students Robin Hart Ruthenbeck to the post. The student council unanimously confirmed Ruthenbeck on Sunday.

Limas said that despite many directors taking on additional duties, these structural changes did not result in any constraints or curtailments in programming.

“None of them, I think, have a struggle – this is a pure increase – it matches what they are already doing,” he said. “It could very well be that some of these temporary plans are in fact in [students’] best interest and my best interest in seeing them continue after this academic year.

In their announcement, Limas also repeatedly welcomed students to share their feedback on what they expect from a new senior member of the Student Affairs Division. He said he would continue to involve students throughout the process, including on the search committee for Kane’s replacement.

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