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The LMU administration is currently conducting a search to replace outgoing Senior Vice President for Student Affairs Elena (Lane) Bove, Ed.D. After 34 years of service at the University, Bove is expected to step down on January 7, 2022.

In search of Bove’s replacement, the University hosted a student listening session on Tuesday, November 30 to hear student feedback on what qualities they would like to see in the new senior vice president.

Associate Vice President for Administration Trevor Wiseman and Vice President for Mission and Ministry John T. Sebastian, Ph.D., attended the session on November 30. Sebastian heads the search committee for Bove’s replacement. Also in attendance were two consultants from Spelman Johnson, Ashley Knight and James Norfleet. Knight and Norfleet represented the research firm LMU partnered with to identify the next administrative head.

According to their website, Spelman Johnson, “in partnership with higher education institutions, has carried out more than 1,700 searches for institutional leaders.”

The meeting, while not very busy, provided essential insight into what students want to see in applicants for the job. The students expressed a desire to have someone who would be in touch with the needs of the students and explained that they felt disconnected and unrepresented in the administration of the University.

According to the responses, students hope to see a more representative division of student affairs that will play an active role in nurturing positive relationships with students. Participants also said they would prefer the next head of student affairs to move the division so that it is more and more visible in the lives of students, which would make the role and activities of the division clearer.

For the November 30 student group, they hope the next senior vice president will uphold their values, be honest with students, and have a good reputation in their past positions.

In an email to Loyolan, Sebastian explained that the research process has only just begun. The committee has yet to begin active recruitment of candidates, and stressed that details on the ideal candidate have yet to be solidified. However, he explained that the 17-member committee “will aim to recruit a diverse pool of experienced student affairs professionals” to “meet the challenges of an unpredictable, post-pandemic future.”

He added that there will be increased engagement with the student affairs division as students return to campus and the next division head will be “keen to engage with our Lion community.”

When asked how the committee would address student concerns about diversity within the administration ranks, Sebastian said it was “a tremendous opportunity to add to the diversity of the top. leadership at LMU ”and that the pool of selected candidates will be“ in support of the principles of LMU’s anti-racism project and [the] University goals for diversity, equity and inclusion.

When asked how the committee would increase student engagement in this process, Sebastian explained that the committee will work with the presidents of ASLMU and GSLMU, both of whom are part of the research committee, to “ ensure that students’ concerns and ideas are fully integrated into the research process.

There will be another session on December 6th to express opinions.

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