The future of student affairs

Student affairs professionals have long been at the forefront of campus life. The pandemic has added new layers of complexity to an already diverse field that encompasses many aspects of student life, in addition to civic engagement, well-being and career preparation. As we envision a post-Covid world, how will student affairs continue to evolve to meet the needs of students, enhance opportunities for diversity and inclusion, and promote positive outcomes for all?

In the next virtual forum “The Future of Student Affairs”, a group of experts will join The Chronicle discuss the evolving roles and responsibilities of professionals working in student affairs to meet the needs of undergraduates where they are currently located. Topics will include:

  • Changes in the learning environment.
  • Break down barriers between academic, campus life, financial and wellness endeavors.
  • Support vulnerable and disadvantaged students.

With the support of TimelyMD

Panelists will include:

  • Paul Dosal, Vice President for Student Success, University of South Florida
  • Anna Gonzalez, Vice President of Student Affairs, Harvey Mudd College
  • Daryl Lowe, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, Spelman College
  • Nancy Young, Vice President of Student Affairs, Maryland-Baltimore County University

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