UM Sports = Student Sports

UM Sports is part of the Student Services Centre and thé sports department of Maastricht University. First, UM Sports is especially for students and employees of Maastricht University and students of Zuyd Hogeschool. Furthermore, exchange students and certain external relations are also welcome to become a member.

There is a wide variety of sports to choose from, student sports associations, fun events and student friendly prices. A healthy and fun sports experience is offered with something for everyone. The international character of Maastricht University is also strongly present in both members and employees, where necessary activities are taught bilingual (in Dutch and English).

UM Sports offers more than 50 different sports including popular group classes like Zumba and ClubPower. A wide variety of team sports and also less known activities like Frisbee and Capoeira are also on offer.

5 Times a year a period starts in which you can follow a course of generally 7 weeks. Following a course is a great way to get to know a new sport (varying from Muay Thai to classic ballet and yoga), or to improve your current level.

Furthermore there is a gym with cardio and strength equipment where you can work out both individually and under guidance of a fitness instructor. During the entire academic year UM Sports offers a varied sports program with in- and outdoor activities. There is also a special program during holidays and the summer months, this program is slightly adjusted.

Maastricht University considers running and cycling of paramount importance and therefor has 2 special communities: UM Cycling and UM Running. These 2 communities have been created by UM Sports to structure initiatives in the area of cycling and running and to make optimum use of the possibilities offered by the beautiful Maastricht region. For members of UM Cycling/Running special events are organized such as lectures, workshops and trainings for both beginners as well as experienced athletes.

UM Sports is located in the University Sports Centre at the P. Debyeplein 15. This is a new and modern building with a gym, spinning hall, dojo and two big multi-sport halls.

UM Sports, with all the trainers and instructors, service desk employees and management team, has more than 80 employees. Most of them are or have been students at the Maastricht University and all share a passion for sports and exercise. Curious about whom the employees are and what they do? Find out on the special employee page!

You can find an overview of all student sports associations here.