Van Winkle prepares for a career in higher education with the JUMP student affairs program

Traditionally, for a student to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree, they spent about six to seven years in college. At WKU, with the Joint Undergraduate and Masters Programs (JUMP), students can earn both in five years. Hanna Van Winkle, a student from Slaughters, KY, does just that while working full time.

Van Winkle chose WKU because she wanted to follow in her family’s footsteps.

“My grandparents met at WKU in 1964 and their two daughters, one being my mother, and all four grandchildren, including me, attended and graduated from WKU. I was looking for a place with immense opportunities for involvement, strong academic programs and a campus community atmosphere. WKU has all of this and more. The Spirit truly makes the Master and choosing WKU is one of the best decisions I have ever made taken !”

Van Winkle’s love for WKU grew through campus activities, and his involvement changed his career path.

“After entering college, I became involved in several campus organizations, including the Topper Orientation Program. I noticed that higher education was a very important and engaging field where I could apply my major areas of study and my passion for helping students. Student Affairs is the perfect masters program for a career in higher education, so I enrolled in the JUMP program. I really enjoyed getting credit for undergraduate and graduate courses at the same time. The JUMP program gave me the chance to start pursuing my chosen career early, so completing it was more effective and efficient. As a current employee in the field of higher education, I am able to apply the skills of helping, inclusiveness, relationships with the university experience and counseling every day. The faculty and staff were incredibly helpful and made participating in the program extremely rewarding. »

Van Winkle will be graduating with her master’s degree in student affairs in December 2022. She currently works in the Office of Admissions as an Admissions Counselor.

Van Winkle says, “I really enjoy my job and sharing the importance of college and participating in WKU with current high school students and their families. I hope to continue in this position and grow as a professional in the field. After graduation, I want to continue to grow in my current position and strive to be in contact with students and help them, whatever position in the field I may be in next. »

His advice to future Hilltoppers is, “Get involved and do something you’re passionate about!” Truly immerse yourself in the Hilltopper community. You will not regret it!”

You can read more about the JUMP Degree in Student Affairs here.

CEBS also offers JUMP degrees in consulting and organizational leadership.

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